The California Upsilon Chapter at California State University, Sacramento was established in 1984. So far, over 1,906 students have been initiated from the California Upsilon Chapter.

Our goal is to improve the learning environment both on campus, and in the Engineering and Computer Science Programs. Community outreach is  also encouraged to get more students interested in engineering. Furthermore, we help engineering students succeed in their courses and future careers through the use of engineering workshops, FE review sessions, and guest speakers from the engineering industry.

Sue Holl

Chief Advisor

Mechanical Engineering

Pat Homen

Mechanical Engineering

Ben Fell

Civil Engineering

Troy Topping

Mechanical Engineering

Gianmarco Monfared

Mechanical Engineering

Abdulkarim Alzanoon
Lydia Palma
William Hahn
Matthew Kovacic
Christopher Potts
Luke Ervin
Alissa McKown
Nik Pineda
Eduardo Mejia
Arthur Ingraffia
Rex Crayne
Angad Dhanoa

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