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Becoming a Member

The following requirements must be met to become a full member of Tau Beta Pi:

   -   Pay $145 lifetime membership fee by 3/30

   -   Attend orientation

   -   Attend first and third general meetings

   -   Attend one social event

   -   Attend one industry event

   -   Attend one philanthropy event

   -   Attend one additional event

   -   Assist in shining the big bent in front of Riverside Hall

   -   Shine your personal bent (and bring it with you to initiation) (click here)

   -   Attend the initiation luncheon (click here for details)

   -   Join Tau Beta Pi on Hornet Hub (click here) (optional)

   -   Complete the Member Candidate Catalog Card form (click here)

As always, please contact an officer if you have scheduling conflicts or other concerns. Additionally, you are encouraged to attend more events than are required.

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